Copying bus from a song to another

Hi all,
I would like to know if there’s a way to copying busses between different song/works.
To be clearer. I’m in the process of mastering but I do one song at a time, I don’t put all the song within a session.
I have the following chain: master->song->bus/EQ->bus/Limiter
Since I would try to apply the same settings to all the songs, I should copy the bus/EQ and bus/Limiter to each song.
I’ve tried to check in the first work I did but haven’t found a way to do it.
I could write down the settings, or taking a screenshot of the 2 busses, but it would be a boring process.
Anyways if there’s no other way to do this task, I’ll do it that way.
Thank you

I am not aware of a way to copy a bus/track from one session to another (without hacking the .ardour file) but taking advantage of the “Plugin Preset” feature may save you some time:

Another approach would be to open multiple sessions at once and (assuming you are using JACK) route the inputs/outputs so all of the session’s master busses route through one session’s master bus that you’ve set up with all of the desired plugins/settings. One could use an insert to achieve this.

You could also use Track/Bus templates to get started:

Create a template from the FX bus (context menu mixer-strip header), and import it into other sessions.
That is a one-time copy operation. If you keep changing the effect-parameters they won’t be synced.

@robsco’s plugin-preset idea can help here, though.

Yeah actually ignore my suggestions, the track/bus template seems like the way to go :+1:

Thanks alot folks. I’ll give it a try

Hey there, I did it.
But silly me… well, when you don’t use this stuff for a long way, you forget everything about it.
After I made the presets, my bulb got lighted on.
I simply renamed the track I was working on with the name of the new track to work with.
Then I’ve imported the track into the session and deleted the track already done.
Faster and quicker. You just have to remember to rename the track you’re working as the new track, after you saved it obviously.

Hey Rob, if I want to delete a template I created, where do I find it? For what I saw, I can’t find it from within Ardour