Copying automation

I recently recorded a strings concert with a simple stereo mic setup into Ardour, each onto a single channel. I linked the channels with a bus, so when I divide the concert into regions and tracks with cross fades, the tracks behave as one. As I was working on the automation of one of the tracks, thinking it would copy to the other, I discovered that it did not.

     Is there any way I can either stereo link the tracks, or copy the automation from one track to another? Ive looked on the forms here and though the manuals on automation and cant find a way. I don't have much experience with many other DAWs, but do other DAWs have a way to do this? 

    If Ardour has a way that anyone knows of, that would be great, or anyone has some other cleaver work around besides trying to redo all the automation to the other track  :/


May be this help:

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Yes thank you! Just what I was looking for.

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