Copying automation ( bug? )

I have created a bus, and I’m sending a handful of tracks ( a FAT horn section ) to it. I’ve used my MIDI keyboard to enter some automation on a delay plugin. This works fine.

Now I’m trying to copy the automation to the subsequent chorus. I select the automation graph underneath the bus, copy it, go to the 2nd chorus, and paste it. It pastes … BUT … the values are all much lower than in the original. The shape of the changes appears to be intact. But the max values are about 1/3 of the original.

Am I doing something wrong?

Have you considered that the parameter of the chorus may have different ranges than the parameter on the delay?

do you mean chorus effect or chorus of the song?

Yeah I mean the chorus of the song. Sorry for being ambiguous :slight_smile: To be totally clear … I’m copying automation for one parameter of one plugin, from one section of the track ( the 1st chorus ) to another section of the track ( the 2nd chorus ), for the same plugin & parameter.