Copying arrangement with tempo change cause big mess up

Hi guys, i have tryed using the new arrangement function, but i have a problem.

My verse is tempo 100, and my chorus tempo 120.
For exemple with song that looks like this verse - chorus - etc…
If i use the arrangement function to add a chorus at the bigining of my song all the stuff in my differents tracks in the next sections are moving according to the new tempo that is copying at the begining of my song.

Try to explain inside (sorry i dont have internet actually on my computer with ardour):

My project :
Timeline :: Verse 100 | Chorus 120
Track 1 :::: Start V -----| start C--------- |

After copying a chrorus at the beggining, it gives :
Timeline :: Chorus 120 | Verse 100 | Chorus 120
Track 1 :::: start C —|Start V------ | start C----------|

See all my stuff in my tracks are filling the changes of initial tempo and dont stay inside their own arrangement section i have created.

Maybe i am using it the wrong way, but that would be nice to keep all the edited stuff inside an “arrangement section” untouched when using the copy function of the arrangement.

Hi Zatguy, sorry to hear you’re having problems with this. I don’t think we’re going to be able to help much until you can post some screenshots and possibly provide us with a session archive.

Ok iam gonna try to post screenshot

Ok I succed in making screenshot.
Here is my problem :

As you can see the stuff from my section “1” are moving after copying the section 2.

WHAT I SEE is the paste marker not beeing at the begining of the section 1 but in the middle of the copyed section the section 2

I know i use several tempo and rythms changes, and it is probably here where ardour screw up.

I’m not sure what precisely what you want to have happen. Currently section copies also copy the tempo map corresponding to the section. Are you simply wanting that not to happen, or are you saying that you do want that, but it is being done incorrectly?

No it’s ok, i want the tempo to be copyed too, the problem is that it moves all the stuff after, they dont fill there own section and are moving left.

Can you show the whole sections sidebar in equivalent screenshots, so that we can see the timestamps?

By the way thx for your replies !

Part of the problem here is the presence of sections that are not on bar boundaries.

We had intended to prevent this from being possible but it seems that we failed to do so. This is “expected” to screw stuff up.

Ok, thx for your reply.
So I think that i can’t do anything until a possible update.

By the way, thx to all the ardour developpers, this software is so incredible, in combination with linux I can do so much crazy things !

Could you share the .ardour session file? That might be helpful to track things down. Thanks!

Is it possible to send it in private ? I dont want to see all my in “progress work” in the web. will work fine

My session file has been sended.

Hi guys,
I wanted to know if you already have some news about the issue.

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