Copy track with layers updated to Ardour/Mixbus 6

Sorry Robin, I did it again. :slight_smile:

I’ve updated my script for importing a track from one project to another including layers.
it should work between Ardour 6 installations (and Mixbus too). It’s created and tested on linux but it should work on MacOS if you install xmlstarlet

It’s not by all means finished and I tested in my projects because I need to use it a lot between my studio computer and my laptop, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t cover all cases.
So my recomendation is NOT using it if your destination project is heavily modifed (use stem exports instead).

best use case is having one recording computer and another for mixing/mastering and you have to start working on the mix but still have some unfinished recordings.

you can get it here:

remember to always do a backup before trying anything!

I would like to do a Lua version of this script, if someone want to help me, contact me at

here you can find the original discussion:


I needed a tool just like this a few days ago, when I started editing vocals that were recorded in another session (the main session being too heavy for recording, even with freezed tracks).
Having this as a Lua script would be amazing ; in it’s current state, it looks a little bit daunting for me :-/

but did you try my script?

if so, did you find any problems?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear ; no I did not.
I just found out about this script here but this would have been very useful had I found it a few days ago.

oh, I get it.

I really appreciate any feedback you can give me.
in the end it just copies waves and modifies session file (with a backup), so it’s difficult to really mess everything. but I want first hand impressions about it.

I’d happily test it if it helps but there isn’t much documentation with your script and I’m not sure how to run this (full disclaimer, I am not tech savy).

you’re totally right, I should put some more info in the description.

If you execute it without any parameters it shows a help:

./ - ver: 0.4 - àngel "mussol" bosch -
Copies one ardour track from one project to another INCLUDING layers.
Tested with Ardour 6 and Mixbus 6.
Use it at your own risk! always do backups before trying anything.

Usage: ./ <source project file> <destination project file> <track name>

So you have to specify first the full path to the project you want to copy the track, second the full path to the destination project, and third the name of the track you want to import.
all this quoted if it contains any space.

If you don’t know the track name you can execute just the first 2 parameters and it’ll show all the tracks you can import:

./  /home/muzzol/Documents/song1/song1.ardour /home/muzzol/Documents/song2/song2.ardour
./ - ver: 0.4 - àngel "mussol" bosch -
Version 6 detected on original project (6000)
Version 6 detected on destination project (6000)
Tracks in [/home/muzzol/Documents/song1/song1.ardour]:


and then you just launch it with all the parameters, it should be something like this (it’s all one single line):

./  /home/muzzol/Documents/song1/song1.ardour /home/muzzol/Documents/song2/song2.ardour Vocal1

terminal commands can seem daunting but this script it’s really simple.

Wow, thanks, that was pretty easy. I just had to install xmlstarlet then it worked perfectly.
I forgot about my snapshots so the imported track appeared in a former snapshot of the same session but it was there waiting for me (maybe a warning about this in the documentation could help the scatterbrain such as me).
I wished I had this script last week, this would have saved me a lot of time :slight_smile:

I think a snapshot is just a new .ardour file, so you have to point to the right one.

to know which is the last modified one you can execute ls -ltr in the project directory.

thanks a lot for testing!
I’ll see if I can do a LUA port when I have time.

Yes, I believe you’re right about the snapshots.
Thank you for writing the script.
I’d be happy to test again if this makes it to a Lua Script :slight_smile:

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