Copy track settings (plugins, automation, etc.) between sessions?

Is it possible to copy track settings from one session to another? I have some plugins configured in a track in an existing session (S1) that I’d like to import to a different session (S2), rather than having to manually add and configure the settings in the new session (S2).

I have different audio in this other session (S2), but I’d like to use the plugins from S1 to alter the mix in S2 (Calf EQ mostly).

I could save a template from session S1, then start a new session S3 and import the audio from S2, but that seems needlessly complex.

You can save per-track templates, and then use them when adding new tracks to any session. Context (right)-click on a track header (editor window) or the track name button in the mixer strip. Also in 4.7 is a “Plugins Favorites” section of the mixer window, which can be used to manage both favorite plugins AND their settings.