Copy take and change only the copy

In Ardour 5 I can copy a midi-drum take and than add or change the copied take without changing the source-take.
Now I use Ardour 6 and when I copy a midi-take and change the copied take the source will be changed as well. But I don’t want that. How can I arrange a setting or so to make it work as in Ardour 5?

Session → Properties → misc → MIDI Options [x] MIDI region copies are independent

After that, in the same window, you can click at the bottom [Use this settings as defaults] and it should work also for future sessions.


@Vermiculus If you never want your MIDI region copies to be linked, then @Piergi’s answer is perfect.

If you want only selected MIDI regions to be unlinked from their copies, then you can right-click on the region (or select multiple regions and right-click on one of them), click through to the “MIDI” sub-menu, and then use the “Unlink selected” option.

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