Copy set of plugins from one track to another

I want to know the best way to achieve saving a set of plugins and their settings so I can reuse them over and over.

I edit a podcast, I’m new to Ardour. Let’s say I dial in the plugins and settings on one track. I want to save those exacts plugins and settings for use on the other tracks as well, other guests on the show.

I expect to slightly alter them for the other guests to take into account their mics, recording conditions etc, but starting from those saved settings would be a great starting point.

I generally bring in all the talking tracks at once, 4-7 of them and then work on the plugins. So far, I have saved the different plugins as favorites in plugins, so they aren’t hard to find. I’ve also saved the settings as a profile in each plugin so I can have a great starting point.

It seems like the easiest way would be to have all those plugins and the individual settings saved in some sort of a template. Is this possible?

IDK, maybe import the tracks and then apply the template or maybe setup the tracks first with the plugins and settings then import the audio.

I used to accomplish this in Audacity by creating a macro. Then I’d run the macro on each audio track once I imported it. I’m sure there is something in Ardour to do this, maybe it’s more of a workflow issue.

OK, so I found out that I can go to the editor view, right click on the header, and save it as a template. That works. I created a new track in my mix and chose the template, and the settings were already there. Is this the best way to do this or is there another way?

Do I create the track from a template and then import the audio to that specific track? I can’t seem to figure out how to do that. When I import, the audio file goes to a new track.

Yep. When a track is selected, the import dialog has the option:
Add files… to selected tracks.

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I"m going to look if it’s possible to make a project template too. Probably, just haven’t found it yet. I’d love to open a project when I’m getting ready to edit the podcast, and it would already have all 7 tracks for the guests, with the plugins applied, plus a track for the bumpers with the bumpers already on the track, a track for the intro chatter, a track for the outro chatter, and a track for the theme music with the theme music already in it. This would save me a ton of time.

Here you go:

The only thing you’d have to drag in each time would be the bumpers and theme music. The other way that I’ve used on other DAWs is setting up the session as you describe and then spawning new sesssions from that using “Save as…” etc.

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Oh, you can’t preload them, I guess that makes sense bc you wouldn’t know where to put them right away, so they’d go at the front, and you’d have to move them anyway.

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