Copy project folder to another computer - midi files lost

I have two version of Ardour 6.6 (1 Windows + 1 Linux). both work fine. I was copying a project folder from the Windows machine to the linux machine, and when I start it - the Ardour cannot find the midi files. However, the file names in the error dialog box do not exist on the Windows machine either. (the Windows one or course works fine).

If I duplicate the project folder in Windows, i can open up the duplicate without any errors.


It looks like these references are in the project.ardour file:

$grep -R .mid *

Source name=“recorder:General MIDI Synth-2.mid” take-id="" type=“midi” flags=“Writable,CanRename” id=“5345” origin=""/

Maybe the paths are screwed up switch from Windows to Linux? I just don’t know where to look.


It’s a bug. Files can have recorder: prefix. That is fine on macOS and Linux, but windows does not allow a colon : in the filename.

This is meanwhile fixed in 6.6.119 (and the main reason why there will be 6.7 release)

Thanks Robin,

You probably know then that the midifiles folder has a zero length “recorder” file. The linux projects have all the .midi files in project_name/interchange/project_name/midifiles/

No need to answer this one, but if the windows version doesn’t need the .midi files, the midi data must be stored somewhere else. So why do you need the .midi files at all?

I’ll wait until 6.7 before I starting using linux/windows on the same shared folder.


It isn’t. Ardour saves all MIDI data in .mid files.

This happened to me recently with audio files that were prefixed with “recorder:”. When I copied to another computer the files were missing. They were actually there but the colon was replaced by a hyphen. I batch renamed those files to replace the hyphen with a colon and they loaded properly.

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