Copy > Paste & Replace?

Is it possible to select a time range with regions and gaps in between, copy and paste it in a way it replaces all audio and silence there might be already on the same track?

Similar to how Protools handles this.

Also, is it possible to have repeats of this same action?

Thank you.

In Grab mode drag you mouse over all regions and tracks you need to combine. This creates a selection. Then select from menu: Region / Edit / Combine. This will combine regions and space between them into new regions. Make sure all the newly created BIG regions are selected and then hold ctrl and drag the new big regions to another place, this will create a copy of those regions.

You can uncombine selected regions from menu: Region / Edit / UnCombine.

To make more copies of the big regions, first select regions then right click on one and select from menu: Selected Regions / Duplicate / Multi-Duplicate, input the number of copies you want and click the Duplicate button.

Thanks Mikael,

The combine / uncombine function is great! This is almost what I’m looking for.
So, time range copy paste including regions and gaps is not possible?