Copy/paste/delete MIDI events in a range of notes

I have a complex set of MIDI regions driving a sample player which resides on a MIDI bus. Currently all the MIDI events are on a single MIDI track which drives the player. However the samples are of various natures - percussion, sound effects, drums, bass, synths - and for my editing sanity I’d like to move like-type samples to different MIDI tracks.

In edit mode I can click on individual MIDI events but I cannot figure out how to grab every event on either a single note or preferably a vertical range of notes.

Additionally when selecting a single note in a MIDI region Ardour is highlighting the entire region making it difficult to be certain which events are getting selected. (I.e. - orange notes on a red background.

What’s the best way to accomplish this sort of task?

Thanks in advance.

So approaching this problem from a different direction, with a considerable amount of pain, I was able to take the MIDI track with all the instruments and route it to multiple different MIDI buses, each of those buses holding a MIDI Key-Range filter (thanks Robin!) set to a different ranges, and then each of those buses routed to a new MIDI track where I recorded the filtered MIDI events.

Nothing like using a sledge hammer to solve what is probably a 1 minute editing job if I could figure out the right editing mode.

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