copy /paste betwen different session

Hello, i don’t know if it possible , but when i make a recording session, i record all songs in the same session (for time and practical reasons) . For mixing i need to have one song per session.
I try to copy one song of the recording session and paste in a new blank session but nothing happen. My songs have lot off audio file per tracks no only one (i mean impossible to import manualy all audiofile a replace them)
Copy / paste a song by selecting all his audio file betwen session will be perfect for me !

Is there a possibility to do this ?

Thank you

Work is happening right now to make this sort of thing possible (it won’t be copy-n-paste, but something as close as possible to it.

a dreaming DAW ? I guess it’s better than a sleeping DAW !? :smiley:

PS: juste une boutade, Olivier :wink:

thanks for reply ! i 'm happy to know that this usefull feature will be implemented !

Thank you for developping my dreaming daw !

Best regard