Copy/paste a range with timeline markers (and also all automation)

When working on sound effects, I often would want to make a new version of a sound based on what i have done before.

So use the range tool to copy and paste the regions, and automation data (I need to select automation lanes separately, they don’t select automatically) and then re-create my CD range markers, copy it’s name and modify ot to be able to then export multiple sound effects at once.

I wish I could copy the timeline markers usingtherange tool so I can be sure they are copied and pasted in relative sync to other data.

Not to mention I’d love to see the Ctrl+T shortcult also select all automation lanes - right now it’s leaving them out so I have to Cltr+LMB select them before doing copy/paste. And if I mess up and deselect something I have to re-select all of them again or the data will not paste correctly.

Do you think that feature would make sense? Maybe as an optional thing if it’d confuse users too much?


Your workflow is not familiar to me, but could you make copies of the playlists of the original tracks ? Then you would have different versions of the effects on the same tracks, timecode and markers, but on different playlists. You probably know about playlists already, but if not then you can create a new playlist with copies of the original regions by right clicking on a track header and selecting from the menu: Playlists / New Copy.

You could probably also save each version of the effects on different snapshots.

Some of this (Surrounding selection and CTRL+T) is actually being discussed and looked at as we speak in fact.

I can see an argument for what you are describing, I generally just copy the range and automation with the range tool and then recreate the CD markers as needed myself, but could see saving time and effort with steps by doing this. Not sure if it shouldn’t be a script instead or a basic UI interaction honestly, but still good discussion to happen.


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