Copy (cut) / paste regions

When selecting several regions, if I drag them they keep their relative position. But if I copy or cut and then paste, all of them are inserted on top of each other at the edit point.

How do I paste keeping their relative position?

(Ardour 6.6 and up)

I don’t have this issue using copy and paste on ardour 6.6, regions keep their relative positions. It also works to copy and paste ranges.
Can you make a screenshot maybe?

For other methods, you can select the regions and use ctrl+drag with the mouse, it’ll copy the regions while keeping their relative positions. You can also duplicate them using the contextual menu or a shortcut. I often prefer to select a range and duplicate the range though, it behaves better for my needs.

Hmm, now I can’t reproduce it. Seems I messed something up.

Thanks for answering, and for the tips!

I didn’t find any options that seems to change copy and paste behavior, maybe this is a bug?

I think it more likely I messed up somehow. I was having a lot of crashes yesterday, maybe a side-effect? Still can’t reproduce it.