...convolved reverb?


I’m looking for a convolution reverb plugin I can use in my Ardour mixes. I was under the impression that Freeverb would be good for this so I installed the CMT plugin pack, but the LADSPA Freeverb only seems to have the standard reverb controls, i.e. no way to select different impulses. I’ve used it on some vocal tracks anyway, and the results are ok but not great - certainly not as realistic as I can get using SIR1 in Windows. Am I missing something in Freeverb that would let me load my own impulses? Or is there another reverb plugin I sould try instead?


Take a look at Jconv, it’s an excellent convolution reverb jack client.


hm, I never got Jconv to work (does not accept my config file no matter what I do), and it’s not been developed for quite a long time, at least there was no new release.
Furthermore I do not understand why people don’t invent GUIs for basically good things. Such a convolution reverb would solve a lot of problems with the very few and overall poor LADSPA reverbs. Yes yes, some are ok, but they mostly lack important options (e.g. predelay) and are only good for some purposes.

Well, I’m just a bit disappointed, sorry.


Could you post your config file? It’s not so hard as far as I know, and the results are worth it.

One thing that is not obvious is that you should put the whole path to the directory where the impulses are in the first ‘/cd’ part, and then the individual impulse’s path is relative to that.

Here’s one of mine… I have a folder called lex480 with a stereo impulse called ‘LargeHall.wav’ in it.

# Replace by whatever required... # /cd /home/philicorda/Desktop/impluylse/new/lex480 # # in out partition maxsize # ----------------------------------------------- /convolver/new 1 2 512 80000 # # # in out gain delay offset length chan file # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /impulse/read 1 1 0.5 0 0 0 1 LargeHall.wav /impulse/read 1 2 0.5 0 0 0 2 LargeHall.wav

I don’t dispute that a gui would be easier!


thanks for the example! It works now!
Now it would be superb great if one could change the configuration on the fly with maybe a LADSPA controller. It’s not a good working flow if you have to restart and reconnect jconv every time you do a little adjustment.

Is there someone we could pay for this :wink: ?


also bearblock, you can use guitarix. It has a section that uses jconv and it’s part of guitarix gui.

But you’re right, Linux do need a way to load IR files and configure the files on a fly. We need a plugin or a stand alone to do so.
Freeverb3 makes a vst plugin but no ladspa for linux. The have Freeverb3 in a conf file form. I’ve emailed the developer but never received a response.

I use jconv and love it especially for loading guitar amp/cabs IR files but to adjust anything, I have to unload the file, edit the conf file, reload and go. Very time consuming but I can’t make a gui for it or even program but I am grateful that on linux, I can use IR files…

I have a question regarding jconv: If it works for you, could you just export a session where jconv is included and check if the result contains dropouts? For e me it is the case, jconv workd only correct in realtime but Ardour export is not usable.

BTW: jack does not through xruns when jconf produces these dropout, they are just in the wav file.

Concerning guitarx: Does it only be mono capable? This would reduce the usability because stereo reverb is required in most cases.

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