Converting WAV to MP3

Hello. I have been a member for some time now, but only a user for about 2 months. I have a Scully 280-8 tape recorder and plan to mix/master with Ardour.

There is no mp3 choice for export. I find this disturbing; now that I made my first all digital song and cant share it with the world.

I cant find a converter. I have limited computing skills as well. Can someone just please make it easy? For us noobs? Any suggestions?

ffmpeg works best, and is simple to use once you know how the commands are formed…

Ubuntu Studio rocks for those starting out with Linux audio:

Actually, I have used Linux for years and tried most distributions. I choose Ubuntu Studio because it is slick, stable, and easy.

I 2nd the suggestion for SoundConverter. This is by far the best audio transcoder I have seen. I used this same program to rip cds or wave to mp3 or flac.

Here is a slightly out of date, yet still relevant description for Ubuntu:

Hope this helps.

Oh Wow. Thanks to everyone for responding, I did not expect that. I am such a noob, please understand. For your help though, all of you can have recording time on a Scully 280-8, anytime you want, really, if ever in St Louis, or for time and travel will do a free recording at the studio of your choice. Thanks for your help and I will try those suggestions.

I would like to share my first attempt at an all digital song with this forum.

Audacity > More complex more pro…

Sound Converter > More easy, only thing it does is convert audio files:


Standard for converting to MP3s still, and very good at it.

Ardour will likely never contain the ability to export MP3s due to possible legal issues.


what distribution are you using (or are you using mac os x)?

Yeah Audacity is a really amazing program, and it’s free. I use it to make all my mp3 ringtones.