Converting a stereo track to two mono tracks

I “right click” on a stereo track and the “Split” option is greyed out – it exists in the menu but is unavailable to be clicked upon. Any ideas? I can import the two channels independently from the “interchange” directory, but that’s no fun.

Do you mean stereo track, or stereo region?


I’m so interested in this topic. is there a way that I can change a stereo channel or wave file in to two mono left and right track. I was given a Tom track which was recorded in stereo yet it has two Toms in it. so I want to tweak them in away I like it like left and right but I want them to be Mono to do that effectively. So is there a way to change the stereo track into two mono left and right? Thank You

And the same question applies. Stereo Region can easily be split. Of course in your case, if you were given the file, why wouldn’t you import it as two mono files instead of a stereo file?


@bareket im sure there is an option in the import dialague that will split a stereo wav to seperate channels

There is, and that was what I was referring to above.