Convert time codes to regions

I have a track which came with a bunch of 30 in / out time codes in hrs:mns:seconds for editing. They line up beautifully in Ardour. But is there any way of getting ardour to create regions from them automatically?

Its extremely unclear what you mean. what do you mean by “time codes”? Do you mean specific locations in time, where perhaps you need markers? If so, check out Windows -> Locations… from your first question it sounds as if you mean something very different …

Sorry - excuse my terminology; it probably comes from VTR work.

Yes, it’s locations in time. Great - I can use Windows -> Locations to set up my ranges really easily.

How can I convert those range markers to a region in a track? Previously I’ve done this manually by selecting, right clicking and choosing “Convert to region in place”.

I sorted it - the command is ‘Seperate Regions In Range’ when right clicking on the range marker.

I’ve looked at Ardour’s xml and I can see potential for direct editing to set my time codes up, if I knew which bit to edit and what the parameters were.