Convert stereo to mono LUA script

Does the lua script still exist for converting stereo to mono tracks. It’s not on this website here

I was trying a version of it awhile back but it had an issue properly converting the file into mono tracks. I definitely need this type of lua script to speed up my workflow

Do note that Ardour has a built-in feature to “make mono regions”

but if you want a script and customize it, it’s still there in the folder:

I’m aware of the mono regions but I find it a bit slower to do it that way, as I have to create a track and go look in the regions for the right file them drag. How can I install the lua script again I kinda forgot

One way would be to copy/paste the script to Menu > Window > Scripting and press “save”, there.

Or you can download and save it directly to Ardour’s preference folder.

On GNU/Linux you can do this quickly using the following commandline:

mkdir -p ~/.config/ardour6/scripts
cd ~/.config/ardour6/scripts

I added the code to ardour scripting but when I try it nothing happens, I even restarted ardour and still nothing,I even opened the sources window and clicked the lua script I assigned and no mono source was created

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