Convert sample rate of a project


in the past I used to record my songs with a POD XT as an external sound card. Unfortunately the internal sample rate of the POD is 39063 and all of my ardour project files are recorded with 39063 for that reason.

I just purchased a new audio interface and I would like to convert my old projects to 44100.

Any ideas?

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sudo apt-get install samplerate-programs

~$ sndfile-resample --help

A Sample Rate Converter using libsndfile for file I/O and Secret
Rabbit Code (aka libsamplerate) for performing the conversion.
It works on any file format supported by libsndfile with any
number of channels (limited only by host memory).

   libsamplerate-0.1.7 (c) 2002-2008 Erik de Castro Lopo

Usage :
sndfile-resample -to [-c ]
sndfile-resample -by [-c ]

The optional -c argument allows the converter type to be chosen from
the following list :

   0 : Best Sinc Interpolator
   1 : Medium Sinc Interpolator (default)
   2 : Fastest Sinc Interpolator
   3 : ZOH Interpolator
   4 : Linear Interpolator
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@mario: in the source tarball of ardour (or in the svn repository) there is a tool called “resample_session” which will do this automatically for you if you have installed the samplerate package referred to by thorgal. its not a polished product, but it does work if used with care and attention. obviously, backup the original session first. The tool is in the “tools” directory. It is not part of any of the packaged versions of Ardour as far as I know, and we would not want it be.

Thanks for the reply, thorgal.

I’m not sure if that converter is exactly what I want. It is not a problem to convert a wav file. The original question was if there is a way to convert an ardour project. If I’d use the converter you mentioned, is that everything I need? I thought that (maybe) ardour stores a value for the samplerate in an xml file or something.

Thank you very much, Paul! I’ll give it a try and will report…

just try what Paul suggested.

To my knowledge, ardour uses what jackd is set up to use.

O.k., the Perl script works roughly. You need to install PerlSAX and samplerate-programs. The Script itself is a bit tricky to handle and it does not convert the .ardour file correctly. After I corrected the sample-rate value in the .ardour file everything seems to be fine. At least the script converts the wav files correctly in batch mode.

Thank you Paul and thorgal.

Sorry that it’s on an old thread Paul, but I downloaded the Perl script and it gets stuck at “use ARDOUR::SessionSRHandler” -> you may need to install the ARDOUR::SessionSRHandler module. But how to do that?

That script no longer works. If someone wants to update it and fix it, we will happily accept patches. It was never updated for Ardour 3, let alone Ardour 4 and Ardour 5.