"Convert / Bounce midi to audio" and automatic fades off

Hello, I’ve have found post like this but there is no solution how to render midi to audio (bounce/bounce freeze track) (quality bad or something like this) but I’m doing like this:

so, when send signal from midi to audio track the sound quality is very very bad

  • for example Kick is not in a grid and low quality sound

so we have to swich off master from midi and audio channel and then record with linked audio track from midi…after recording disconnect midi channel from audio track and connect to master and after sound is like “Bounced to audio”

another quality reason is…switch off autofades because for example in kick (or any block) this creates “attack” and first part of block sounds weak (autofade is at start of block and end o top). On different youtube channels about ardour they says you must record bar or two before starts midi…soo many people knows where at the beggining is something wrong and autofades doing this

  • is nice to see in future in prefferences switch of autofades but you can of on every block (when copy blocks it’s stays off)

another thing how to switch off plugin after render to audio (autosuspend) is go to the mixer and click green dot and this will off plugin and cpu is low

  • is nice to see in future autosuspend for example when muted and where is no singnal from plugin to master on channel then plugin will automaticlly off (this green dot on channel strip where plugin is loaded) also could be added to prefferences. I think this should create less crashes from ardour with loaded plugins because I observed the plugins doing crashes or DSP load not sure…if someone bounce midi to audio and muted channel with plugin is no need to any more use cpu by plugina and waste power by cpu

and doesn’t matter what buffer size is or latency of your audio interface is bounced to waveform as should be, played before with plugin/doing same mirror sound

Google translator used sometimes, attention to reading :slight_smile:

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