convert ardour xml to import into lightworks

There is a discussion about video - audio workflows going on in the lightworks forum and a talk about if it would be possible to exchange sessions between ardour and lightworks, maybe via a lua script etc…

maybe some with deeper knowledge about the ardour xml file format could chime in to clarify? :slight_smile:

or also post here in the forum. The general question would be: as lightworks can export i.e FC5.xml , would it be possible to convert it via script into ardour xml, avoiding aaf/omf in between steps?

there’s really no knowledge about our session XML format that can be summarized. the format is entirely human-readable, though some humans won’t know/understand what certain nodes and properties are for or what they mean. a list of specific questions about this could be answered.

but also keep in touch that there is no DTD for our XML, and we consider it free to change between major version changes in Ardour, so a converter for version N of Ardour may not work 100% for any other version.

thank you paul for clarifying! Just to keep you guys in the loop what is happening in the other forum (i think this is called cross posting ;))

ther is some good first success converting final cut xmls into ardour xmls:


Code is here:

For a quick test, from the command line:

curl -F xml=@sample.fcp5.xml -F sr=48000 > Ardour.test/test.ardour

Where “sample.fcp5.xml” is an fcp5 XML file exported by Lightworks and sr=48000 is your media audio sample rate