Convert 32 bit floating in 24 bit integer


I am musician in a band and I used ardour to take snapshot of our work.
One other musician want to take wav file in order to do mixing with his logic studio .
Problem my wav files are 32 bit floating and are not accepted by logic studio.

I can rescale them with audacity . But only one by one and there is a lot of file…

There is a built-in method with ardour to convert session file in another format ?


PS : sorry for the bad english, I am French.

There is no functionality in Ardour to do this no. However what you can try is using Max ( on OS X, since you are using Logic I assume this is available, to convert the files en masse to something Logic will understand. Max utilizes libsndfile as well as Ardour IIRC so it shouldn’t have any problem doing this. It is also handy for setting up presets to compress files with after everything is done and you are ready for distribution.


If you’d like to do the batch conversion in linux you could use sox :
ls *.wav | while read LINE ; do FNAME=basename "$LINE" .wav ; sox -G -b 32 “$LINE” -b 24 “$FNAME”-24bit.wav dither ; done

You can also use sndfile-convert, just replace
sox -G -b 32 “$LINE” -b 24 “$FNAME”-24bit.wav dither
sndfile-convert -pcm24 “$LINE” “$FNAME”-24bit.wav

Thank a lot,

I will try this.