Controlling Mixbus Pan by Logic

Does anyone use Mixbus together with Logic and already has created an Environment to Control the Faders and Pan in Mixbus from Logic? I would really appreciate if someone could provide with me information of what’s the best way to do this or an already configured .lso.
Thank you

@nuuk: its hard for me to imagine that you can do this. The faders and pan in Mixbus are controllable via MIDI (and OSC), but I don’t believe that Logic will send MIDI or OSC commands in the way that you would need for this to work. I could be wrong - I don’t know much about Logic. I think you’re probably imagining Mixbus to be something a little different than it really is - its a fully fledged DAW, not just an outboard mixer or channel strip. If there is a way to make motion of Logic faders/panners send MIDI or OSC, then we could help explain how to control the faders/panners in Mixbus.

thanks for your response.
actually logic is very flexible concerning midi - you can do pretty much everything you could imagine. I am asking because somebody might have already gone through the struggle of finding the best way to do this.

I understand that Ardour actually is a fully fledged DAW, but there unfortunately is no way I could switch from Logic to Ardour, unless Ardour offers the usabillity and features Logic has - Which actually is an unfair comparison. No strings attached. I like the sound of Mixbus - therefore this is the way to go for me.

If there is any quick overview of the midi commands needed in order to control Ardour’s Mixer, I would really appreciate that. Probaby it would be best to just use the Mackie Control standard midi messages?

@nuuk: Ardour 2.X (and likewise Mixbus) has no “standard” messages for control (see for an explanation of the philosophy). Certainly if you can get Logic to deliver MCU messages (technically, LCU), then Ardour/Mixbus can be configured to respond to them. I’m not sure that Logic can do this, though.

I am not sure what you’re trying to say. is it that mixbus doesn’t implement one standard protocoll used by controllers via midi or is it that it just doesn’t use some cc messages to control the mixer?

Neither of the above, it is that Ardour is designed to map to already existing MIDI messages. So what you would have to do is CTRL+MIDDLECLICK on a control in Ardour, and then transmit to Ardour’s MIDI port the desired MIDI message you wish to bind to that control(Obviously with the generic MIDI protocol enabled). Based on what you have described, it seems like it could be done, it is just going to be a headache to do, but once you do it, save it as a template in Ardour so you can create new sessions with that template and not have to redo it. The MCU/LCU paul was referring to is the Logic Control Portocol, which is supported by things like the Mackie Control Universal and other surfaces.


so, this is beginning to get rather confusing here.
just came along that instructions, which as far as I understand state, that Ardour is able to use the MCU protocol.

So, if that is true. Ardour DOES use standard messages for controlling via midi. Is that right, or am I misunderstanding the instructions mentioned above?

@nuuk: ardour has no builtin support for any kind of control surface. It does, however, come with a few control surface support modules which accept messages (e.g. generic MIDI CC, Logic Control, OSC or others) and then change various settings/parameters. The MCU/LCU surface module understands most of Logic Control Protocol, and will control Ardour appropriately. But this is not because “Ardour uses standard messages for controlling via MIDI” in the sense that its builtin to Ardour’s operation. Maybe to some users there is no real difference, but from my perspective, its very important to separate these things out, because it is what enables someone to write a new control surface implementation (an example might be for Mackie HUI) entirely independently of the core of Ardour itself.