Controlling Ardour with OSC, Part II: TouchOSC and Ardour

Max Breakwell has done what looks like a great job at providing a TouchOSC template for controlling Ardour. He has written
all about it and for those of us with iPhones, iPod Touch or iPad (not sure if TouchOSC is available yet, but it will be), it looks really interesting and useful. Great job Max!

Hey, thanks Paul for the compliments and for Ardour!

Any way to make this work for linux? There is no version of MAX runtime for linux, and installing through WINE doesnt make it work either…

@tbonedude: max explained on CDM what his max patch did, and i can say with some level of confidence that cooking up either a Pure Data or SuperCollider patch to do the same thing should be pretty trivial for anyone with some skills in those tools. In fact, his max patch might even work as is with Pure Data.

Link seems to be dead.

Hmm not dead persay, but I do get a warning from a blocklist(Google’s in this case) about downloading and installing malicious software on the site, seems like it may have been hacked.

EDIT: I take that back, on top of that the page is returning a 404, so possibly taken down as well?


Yes, unfortunately my blog got hacked and I did take it down. I won’t have any time to fix it until monday probably so it is likely to stay that way for a few day at least.

Wish me luck, I am afraid I may have to start from scratch with it.


Ouch, yea that sucks, sorry about that.


To anyone still following this thread, just wanted to let everyone know that I managed to get my site back up again, free of malware of course.

Feel free to stop by again. Thanks

Glad to hear it Max!

Here is how to use TouchOSC on your iPad/iPod touch and PureData-Extended to control Ardour on linux.

  1. First install PureData-Extended using your preferred package installer

  2. Download this zip

    which contains these files
    Ardour-TouchOSC Patch.pd - For use in PDext to link iPad/iPod touch and Ardour
    Ardour.touchosc - Control layout for TouchOSC app on iPad/iPod touch
    TouchOSCEditor.exe - For editing/syncing the control layout to the TouchOSC iPad/iPod touch app.

  3. Install TouchOSC on your iPad/iPod touch

  4. Fire up Ardour and click options/misc. options/use osc

  5. Start PureData-Extended and open the patch you downloaded in step 2

    Ctrl+E will put PD into edit mode so you can change the IP address at the top to match your iPad/iPod
    Ctrl+E again to go back to run mode.
    Click the two connect objects to connect to the Ardour and iPad/iPod touch ports.

  6. Start the TouchOSC Editor and open the Ardour.touchosc layout. Sync it to iPad/iPod touch

  7. Config TouchOSC on iPad/iPod touch to connect to the IP address of you computer. Use Port 3821 for Outgoing and 3820 for Incoming. The incoming port is for keeping the master faders synchronized on the different pages.


the touchOSC control layout was originally designed by maxbreakwell but heavily edited by me.

This works very well! Very little twiddling with stuff to get it to work. Now I don’t have to worry about my Tranzport not working, this is actually more convenient.

Hello! I set up my ENV ( ipad+touchOSC + layout + macbook + puredata + ardour) as wrote Still-Learning-Linux . But not worked.

I see in Supercollider (with OSCFunc.trace(true); ) below stats:

OSC Message Received:
time: 436.017854086
address: a NetAddr(, 54343)
recvPort: 57120
msg: [ /ardour/loop_toggle, 0 ]

But, Ardour no response from ipad+touchosc.

What else exactly setting up in PureData? Need start TouchBridge? Need setup midi settings in PureData?