Controller to follow channel selection?

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is it possible that when i select a certain channel in ardour with the mouse, this channel is then selected in the controller?

I use a icon Platform Nano and for now it seems i have to select the channel i want in the Nano by stepping through the banks and when i click on a channel within that bank the Nano switches to that channel too. But if i select a channel outside of the bank the controller is at the moment this channel gets ignored by the controller.
Stepping through the banks until i can then select the channel for the controller is not so much fun so is there a way that the bank-switching of the controller follows my selection in Ardour?

Which Ardour control surface module are you using with the Nano? Mackie? Generic MIDI?

Control surface is Mackie and device type is iCON QCon Pro.

The Nano is a single fader device, it can’t use banks at all.

You likely need to use a new device info file specifically for the Nano, and it should include a setting for SingleFaderFollowsSelection. The Behringer X-Touch One already has a device info file, and would be a place to start. It might even be more appropriate already.

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Thx Paul, i will check out how the X-Touch One setting behaves.


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