Controller bind action

In my Impulse49 controller, I have Shift button and next/prev track buttons to change tracks, when I press shift + next/prev track together. Does anyone know what the associated message is for this Editor/select-next/prev-route action? What message does Impulse49 transmit when I press Shift+Next track?

You could use Ardour’s MIDI tracer (Menu > Window > MIDI Tracer) to find out what message is sent.

I did this, for midi in Midi Tracer shows me only faders, encoders, notes, pads, transports (cc or/and mmc), pitch bend, mod wheel and, curiously, program change (Shift+MidiChannel button combination) but for the rest of the buttons (shift, next/prev track, next/prev bank, mixer, plugin) do not show any message.

From here I found out that

Shift Button

  • Sends two messages with each press, and two with each release
  • 0xB0 27 0,1 (release, press)
  • 0xB1 0d 0,1 (release, press)

But I don’t know how to use this information in midi map file. What type of message is it, ctl or sysex, and what type of associated bind, action or function? Thank you!

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