Controller automation lane labels

I’m using mod-wheel, CC16, and CC17. Is there a way I can change the labels for CC16 and CC17 so they don’t just say General Purpose Controller 1/2/etc.?


Alas not at this time.

What would the scope of such names be?

Ideally I’d be able to set them to say vibrato rate and vibrato amount for this particular track. But I’d be happy if it just said 16 and 17 as I know what I’ve assigned these to in my plugin.

The names actually come from a MIDNAM file (MIDI.midnam, defined by the MMA). You could edit that to change the names to whatever you want.

I agree that “General Purpose Controller 16” is a bit verbose.

Aha interesting. Is it one file per session or is it one file per Ardour?

For the MMA’s “Generic”: one file per Ardour.

However, the midnam file being used could vary per track (make the track header tall enough for the device selection drop downs to appear. Then you can pick the MIDNAM file you want to be in effect.

A handful of plugins supply their own MIDNAM files too, but you can override that.

It isn’t clear to me that using the MMA’s “Generic” MIDNAM is the right choice here, but it could just be that we should shorten some of those names.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try

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