Controling Transport

Is there any way to have the transportcontrols accessible all the time during mixing without having to click back into the Editor or Mixer window.
It is extremely nerve wrecking when editing within a plugin window whilst trying to audition the audio material.
Is there an Option to change that behaviour.
Ardour 5.11 is currently running on win10 here. Is this behaviour platformspecific or should I file a feature request?

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Window > Editor > Detach

That will put the mixer in the “main window”, and the editor elsewhere.

Alternatively, work in a single window and use Alt-m to toggle back forthe between editor and mixer within the same window.

I think my question was to vague.


  1. I’m in the Mixer tab whilst viewing and playing a track. (the transport is on auto-return)
  2. I want to apply an eq to the track
  3. I open a graphical EQ gui, pick a node and make a notch to find a certain frequency i want to dampen.
  4. I hit the space bar nothing happens. OH I FORGOT I have to click on the main Editing window again, to make the transport work.
  5. I find the frequency in the eq, pull it down and hit the spacebar twice for the audio to stop and play back to from the starting point. OH YES I FORGOT, I have to click on the main Window again to make the transport controls work again… etc…

(In my case this also goes for compression and basically everything else I do when I mix…)

Which graphical EQ? By default, keyboard events in plugin GUI windows are always passed through to the main program. There’s a little green keyboard icon in the top right of the plugin GUI window specifically to stop this from happening.

it is a VST plugin called TDR Nova by Tokyo Dawn Labs.
In my case it does not matter, if the keyboard is green or not.