Control sustain pedal when editing MIDI notes

In MIDI edition mode, is it possible to control the behaviour of the sustain pedal? I mean, for instance, if I used it wrongly while recording, can I edit what I did with the pedal (as I can do with the notes I played)?

By the way, thanks for this awesome piece of software!

Yes, you can edit the sustain pedal which is usually controlled by midi controller 64. To edit this on a midi track click the “a” (automation) button on the track which will bring up a menu. In that menu select “Controllers” which will bring up a submenu listing all 128 midi controllers - select submenu for controllers 48-63 and then select the bottom menu option “64 Damper pedal on/off”. This will create an automation track for this controller below the midi track. For a description of how to use automation in Ardour see