Control Surfaces ... WebSockets, using Fedora Jam 36 and 37 pre missing checkbox

Control Surfaces … WebSockets, using Fedora Jam 36, I was able to set up Ardour 6.9 on Ubuntu Studio 22.04 with websockets checked no problem works like a charm, I am just testing Fedora 36 and (37 ore release) in both Fedora stable and pre release I cannot not find Websockets as I did in Ubuntu Studio, under control surfaces last checkbox. I set up the compter ipaddress:3818 and no problem connecting to my tablet and cell with Ubunto and AVL… in Fedora 36 and 37 there is not a checkbox in Control Surfaces for websocket, I used Mackie checkbox with additional software works okay, anyone know where the websockets checkbox is? thanks VM _ps (contacted Fedora also)

Websockets is optional, I see it in the config for my self build development version because I have libwebsockets-devel installed.

The koji page for the Fedora build of Ardour is here:
Fedora build server Ardour entry

The log has this line:
Checking for ‘libwebsockets’ >= 2.0.0 : not found

That indicates that the Fedora build environment does not have libwebsockets available.

Thanks Chris… I was able to compile and run with the libwebsockets 4.3.1 fully functional in Fedora 36, I just tested with internet and android phone using my internal machine address and port 3818 yay!

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