Control surfaces - use set of knobs for miltiple channels

Is it possible to have in ardour a commen set of knobs on a control surface to be able to control say an eq plugin and only control the selected channel?

On Hardware digitila mixers, you would usually have a couple sections on the desk where the kbobs would be dedicated to plugin controls and that you pressed the channel select button, and those knobs when then be active for the selected channel.

I’ve noticed on some control surfaces there are 2 buttons above each fader, so you could have 1 assigned to mute and the other assigned to select.

This would require some time spend setting up a midi controller but it could be a really handy feature. Ofcoarse it may not work for alot of plugins as some plugins will have more paremeters than availible knobs but you could compromise and assign the most usefull ones, or in the case of channel strips like Linx dsp channel eq etc you could assign knobs to that plugin.

After thinking about it this might be quite complicated to implement since channel configurations can become quite different.

maybe you could set ardour to have a common knob assignment, and that when you bring up a plugin if you have configured the plugin to be binded to those controls when the plugin gui is brought up it only effects that plugin.

Just an idea.