Control Surface support, what can be done in Ardour?

I write to inquire as to what control surface support does ardour have?

I wonder, as from what I understand Ardour is open source, so has the potential to become almost anything if there is enough enthusiasm for an idea among those who are involved programming the software.

I have used quiet a few sequencers and DAW’s over the years, and personally feel that lack of ability to control most of the software is a major flaw with much of the software that is presently on the market, and what I mean control, I really do mean control of every feature in the program including every feature of any plug in parameters that can be used with Ardour as well.

If such features were to become available, I am sure Ardour would be embraced by far more people.
Any info on the topic would be really appreciated

Have a look at

OSC exposes pretty much everything (incl. plugin parmaters). All mixer functionality is available, as are all “actions” (comands that can be triggered from a menu and operate on the selection in the editor - see

Some control-surfaces like the FaderPort 8/16 support plugin-parameters directly, as does generic MIDI (via MIDI learn). However loading new plugins is not currently possible.

Hey Robin
Thanks for answering my inquiry

Well that’s really interesting,
I shall have to take a long read through the documentation to try and get my head around it.

I am presently working through a course created by a guy called Gustavo Silveria which teaches how to make MIDI controllers using the Arduino hobbyist embedded electronics platform.

So, if OSC allows the programmer to do what you say it does
then this could be a perfect combination for creating a hardware / software combo that really does the job properly!

I will be back, when I have finished the course. Thanks again

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