Control surface programming

Hi guys.
I’m quite new here, so dont be piss’d off if some of what i say seems stupid - we’re all stupid at some point, lol.
So the Q goes like this:
I’m now using Ardour(migrating slowly from Ubuntu Studio to avlinux) for live sampling, composition,etc. I know its not how I’m supposed to use it, but among all the linux daw’s it works nice for me.
Now I wanna get a control surface, Push is aint cheap and here is meant for other kind of workflow, so I’m looking at Maschine Jam.
What I want from it is to be able to use its 8 scene buttons to ,“reroute” the controller.
say I press A - knobs and faders go for mixing, B - pads go to a synth and knobs\faders control this synth, C goes for a synth outside ardour, H for Hydrogen, etc.
So the question is: waht do you think, is it possible to achieve by tweaking midi map or is it outside the realm of real?

This idea is not impossible, but it could not be done from inside Ardour, using midi maps or any other way really. What you are looking for is a midi to midi utility that does this switching for you external to Ardour. This would be easiest (in my opinion) using Jack midi.

Another possibility is that if your controller allows switching midi channels on the fly, a midi filter such as qmidiroute could route midi channels to separate software.