Control surface problem in 2 beta 12

I posted this already, but let’s put it in the correct category.

I have a DDX3216 (using generic midi) and I use it as a motorized control desk when doing my mix downs.

Using 0.99.3 I could control the mixer window, and when I control the faders using the mouse, my desk would mirror the change.

In Ardour2 beta 12, I get either 1 to the following scenarios

  1. When I configure the fader (Ctrl middle click) The feedback kicks in and the control fights me when I move the physical fader on the control desk. It seems that Ardour has a delay on the response, and then tries to take the fader back to where it came from. (Thus ardour mixer window takes preference)

  2. When I move the fader too quickly when configuring, the feedback disappears, and then movement is smooth, but it does not mirror changes in ardour.

According to another user, this worked ok in beta 11.

Check out the following topic for more info:

Just to confirm, I just reinstalled my ardour 0.99.3 and did not change anything else.

All my controls are back to normal, so this points to a new bug in ardour2