Control surface Pan

Is it possible to get relative panning using a Roland VS2480? I’ve made my own map but I cant get panning to work properly. Full left and right is all there is.

Define “relative panning” …

Left is 1, right is 127. There is no in between. Being able to pan left or right in increments .

@Tyrel: Just looking at the manual for the 2480. It appears it can be set to more than one mode. This begs the question of if you are using the 2480 as a control surface or if you are using Ardour as a controller or if you are combining the two to both record at the same time.

The only thing likely to work is using 2480 as a control surface and to use it in V.Fader mode. See page 300 of (you may have a paper manual) Any other mode uses at least some NRPNs for some things. Ardour can not use NRPN control changes at this time.

VFader mode lets you send whatever cc messages you like and they seem to be 0-127 (Page 409) and should “just work”.

So the question is what mode are you using? What MIDI event(s) are you catching? and what is the map line you are using? (without the angle brackets please)

If you are currently using something like: Binding channel=“1” ctl=“13”
changing the ctl to enc-l or enc-r will probably work (one will work backwards to the other). If you are using something like: Binding sysex=“f0 0 0 e 9 0 5b f7” the 2480 would have to provide a 0-127 value to work.


Thanks for the reply Len.
I am using it in control surface mode. I just tested enc-l and that seems to half work. it moves a fader at the same time though. I`ll just mess around with that and see what happens. Is there a list of arguments that can be used in the .map files? like enc-l, ctl, pb…



I see now. Turning control surface off on the 2480 and using v.fader (the bare minimum) works just fine. Thanks again.

In Vfader mode, each fader and pot can be set to whatever channel/cc you like, so you need to make sure that the fader and pot are set to different cc numbers on the 2480. A factory reset may do that… or it may set them all the same :stuck_out_tongue:

The list of available map settings is here: