Control surface mappings not restoring

I’ve been working with 3.0 for about a week now and love it! Kudos to the entire dev team.

I have a minor issue with the mappings made to my BCF2000 control surface. It was easy enough to follow the manual and get the BCF recognised by the system, and mapping a track’s fader to the BCF in generic mode worked fine - the track responds to the BCF’s fader and vice versa (I’ll never get tired of seeing the faders on the BCF moving!).

When I re-open a session, the mappings I’ve made don’t persist. The BCF is still seen by Ardour - I do not have to do anything before re-mapping a fader, but I have to remap every control all over again.

I see this in the song’s .ardour file:

<ControlProtocols> <Protocol name="Open Sound Control (OSC)" active="no"/> <Protocol name="Generic MIDI" feedback="1" feedback-interval="10000" binding="Behringer BCF2000 Factory Preset 2" active="yes"> <Controls> <MIDIControllable id="37908" event="0xb0" channel="1" additional="0x7" feedback="yes"/> <MIDIControllable id="37796" event="0xb0" channel="0" additional="0x7" feedback="yes"/> </Controls> </Protocol> <Protocol name="Mackie" active="no"/> </ControlProtocols>

Has anyone else run into this?

  • Joe

I have another session ported from A2 that behaves slightly differently. I had a number of mappings defined in the A2 file. Now I see this in the .ardour file:

<Protocol name=“Open Sound Control (OSC)” active=“no”/>
<Protocol name=“Generic MIDI” feedback=“1” feedback-interval=“10000” binding=“Behringer BCF2000 Factory Preset 2” active=“yes”>
<Protocol name=“Mackie” active=“no”/>

Looks good so far. I start up Ardour, but when I open Preferences->UI->Control Protocol Options, MIDI Bindings shows “Reset All”. If I choose the BCF Preset 2, the mappings come alive, the faders jump to match the levels in Ardour and everything’s working fine.

So I go back to the first session I posted about, but I see that in Ardour has remembered my BCF in Control Protocol Options, that’s fine, but I have to remap the controls. Very strange, seeing different things forgotten.

Speaking of things forgotten, the second session I’m working with seems to not be able to remember that it’s set to zoom to the size of the session; that’s something that I always have to reset going in.