Control Surface development

First: let me say I love using Ardour for my mixes. Strictly top drawer stuff.

Secord: I should like to suggest a new category: control surface, as what I’m about to discuss is probably covered somewhere that I can’t find.

And, on topic, I recently purchased an Asparion D400 controller and, it works (mostly) with the Mackie control setting. What doesn’t work are the dedicated EQ/plugin knobs, one of the primary reasons for selecting this particular controller. The controller is well laid out and the faders are quiet and have a really good feel, so I would like to get it working for the community at large. My questions:

One: I can’t seem to find documentation on copying/modifying the definition files. Does such documentation exist? If so where?

Two: Once I get this thing working as per spec, how do I submit the file so others can benefit?


John aka slidesinger

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