Control - Part I - by Dick MacInnis

Part I of “Control”, Dick MacInnis’ new album. Made with Ardour3:

Thanks, everyone, for the kind words!

@gastric_bass: to each their own :-). I was trying for that smashy Dave Grohl sound, but I can see how that could be too piercing, especially compared to the quiet verses of the song.

@veda_sticks: it is in fact just that - reverse reverb. I reversed the track, ran it through a reverb bus into another track, reversed the result, and mixed it with the original vocals. It took a couple tries to get the reverb length just right.

Excellent work, Dick, fine singing, and I love the production. Wish I had the patience/skills to produce like that.




Great songs - but for me the cymbals (in track 1) are too piercing and sound pretty dead. But the rest (especially the voice) is really great.

On Celeum DreamStudio:


Very impressive productions and affecting songs, great work!!

wow, this is probably the best production i have heard come from ardour.

Track 2 - how did you get the almost reverse type effect that is behind the vocal reverb?