Control Midi device from Ardour

I’m very new to Ardour. I played around with Reason when I was younger. Recently I bought a Behringer TD-3 and started playing with it. Now I would like to import the Pattern of the TD-3 into Ardour and there modify it, like copying and change some notes and control things like cutoff, accent and resonance.
Is this even possible or do I have to record this as audio?
Right now Ardour is set up to use the Jack clock and clock out is connected to TD-3 clock in.

I do not own a TD3 but I have other synthesizers from Behringer. I think what you have in mind is not possible. What you can do is send midi notes from ardour to the TD3 but I guess without an accent or something like that. If you are on Windows or Mac you can use the Behringer Synth Tool to create a patch on your computer and send it to the TD3. With the Behringer Synth Tool you can also specify an accent or something similar.

Generally it is not possible to control the cutoff or resonance via midi. You have to record this as audio. This is only possible with synthesizers whose components are controlled digitally, such as the Behringer Deepmind.

Ah ok. And how do I need to setup the Midi Track to play Midi notes?

You have to add a new Midi Track without any instument and rout the output of this track to the TD3.

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