Control Calf filter's cuttoff frequency with drum track?

I’d like to control Calf filter’s cutoff frequency with the output of a drum track; I tried doing this by adding a new filter buss, and then routing via a new Aux Send from the drums. I got as far as the sidechain dialog box and then got stuck. I didn’t see anything that looked like cutoff frequency or other filter parameters. Is what I’m up to possible? Maybe with a different filter?


I’m actually interested in a Moog style filter, so this looks like a better choice. What I don’t understand is how to connect to specifically the cutoff frequency; the inputs on my instance are just named “Audio In [1-4]”.



AFAIK you would need a filter that’s made with a sidechain cutoff and I don’t think such a filter exists.

The Audio inputs on the mvclpf-4 are just that; inputs for audio signals.

Use automation to control the cutoff. There may be some way to create that automation from the output of the drum track but you probably have to create it manually.

I think I’m on to something with this configuration. I’m guessing the filter instance is exposing the first four of seven parameters.

A further question: can anyone give me a hint about adding an LFO as a second sidechain control input? Is there a specific plug in that might be useful for doing this sort of thing? And would an LFO live in a different track or buss? Any ideas or comments would be appreciated.


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