Control Ardour with touchscreen

Hi all

Im new to ardour. Im thinking about to buy a Asus eeeTop for running and controlling ardour over the touchscreen. I plan to use ardour to record and rearrange audio. I think the performance from the atom is sufficient.

My Question: What do you think about controlling ardour with touchscreen, should it be usable?

It has almost nothing to do with ardour, and everything to do with the X Server and GTK on your machine. If other applications work with the touch screen, so will ardour. To applications, touch looks pretty much like a mouse pointer/button.

Yes right, Im aware of that. But Im curious about if someone has some experience with touchscreens and ardour. If its nice to work with it, or not?

Ardour relies on right-clicks a lot, and uses many context menus, some of which are big (10 - 20 entries).
That makes maybe not your happiest touchscreenable app ever.
It’s cool to use if you’re a fast and precise “mouser”, which most of us are. The eeeTop does come with a mouse though, i think.
Has anyone here tried ardour on an Atom machine?

right click should work by “holding down” (pressing down a second).

Is ardour more optimized for “mouser” or for “keyboard shortcuter”?

we aim to please both constituencies. the extent to which we do is up for debate.

Look at the indamix system by Trinity audio. It is a fully touch screen system, and runs ardour as it’s main DAW.

the indamixx touchscreen device seems cool for traveling, but is to small and to expensive. And I need something with a bigger screen.

@ paul: good to hear the devs looks for all people (mouse and keyboard users). then I`m shure It would be nice with a touchscreen. If I buy the eee top and use ardour. I will write a review (or create a Video) regarding ardour with touchscreen control.

touchscreens look nice… mousing is okay… but I’ll stick with my control surfaces… (@paul… you forgot to mention you keep us hardware users happy too)…

(@paul… you forgot to mention you keep us hardware users happy too)…

Absolutely! I never use the mouse on the faders, except when I want to bind a control :wink:

I mention this mostly due to the coincidental timing, but the new version of MultitrackStudio (the DAW I was using before I started using Ardour) seems to have focused heavily on touch screen support. It may be of interest from an ideas perspective:


@ stuartallen: thank you. Its not opensource and not linux, but looks interesting.

I know this is a fairly old thread, but it’s about all you find if searching for Ardour and touchscreen support.

I just picked up a HannsG HT231G multi-touch monitor, and I can confirm that the version of Ardour currently shipping with Ubuntu Studio 13.10 (v3.4) works with single-touch ‘straight out the box’.

What I can find on Linux support for multi-touch is, largely, the obsession with emulating multi-touch ‘gestures’ a-la Android and all that tablet stuff. My interest is in being able to control multiple faders via the ten touch points this particular monitor supports - something I take for-granted is way down on the Ardour developers’ list of priorities. :slight_smile:

I may-well need to throw some additional software bits into the mix here, because what I’ve read on Linux multi touch support is that the best analogy (and a method for developing) is equivalent to using multiple mice on a shared desktop. Lots of ‘playing’ to do on my part before I come back to this, and I’ll probably pick up a budget flying fader controller in the interim.

I did succeed in building the latest Ardour after pulling it via git, but I do need to play with some of the ‘demo’ multitouch apps before even seeing what happens using Ardour with the underlying Xorg stuff properly configured. But, if anyone can add anything to this discussion, I’'d be most-interested.