Control alsamixer with Ardour

Hi, All,

i have M-Audio Fasttrack Ultra. In kernel 3.8+ there is (finally) posibility to control internal effect and internal mixer through alsamixer. There is 128 fader matrix (Analogin 1-8 ->AnalogOut 1-8, the same or digital inputs, sends to internal DSP etc. Lot of controllers (about 150), which can be controlled through alsamixer. Is possible to control those controllers from Ardour ? Something like send midi commands to alsamixer. I found only one software which can do it - qamix. It’s simle gui mixer for alsa, i can send midi commands to it and it control alsamixer. But there is no feedback, no automation etc. Is there any way to control alsamixer from Ardour?

No. Neither Ardour nor JACK consider it part of their job to provide an interface to the hardware mixer controls. These vary MASSIVELY between different audio devices, and it would be a huge and separate task to maintain such a thing (which is partly why tools like qamix and gamix are so … uh… crappily generic (no offense to their developers - its a ridiculous and thankless task). We consider your audio hardware to be setup the way you want and not to be altered by JACK (except for sample rate and buffering) and certainly not by Ardour. End of story.

Thank you, Paul. I know, this is not primary ardour’s job…