continuous Update information + can't save plugin settings

Hi there,

I have Ardour 3.5.143 (got it from the ardour website on Linux Mint 16 XFCE. Besides the fact that Ardour is a great software, there are 2 things atm with my ardour, that don’t seem to be right:

1.) When I start Ardour it keeps on informing me: “Version 3.5.74 has been released. Update at: …” though I thought that my current version is the most recent one. Am I wrong?

2.) I can’t seem to save any plugin-settings. I didn’t have problems with previous Ardour versions here (3.0.X). Now pressing the “Hinzufügen” (equivalent to “add” I suppose) in the Plugin has no effect at all. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any insights,

I have just fixed the version number matching on the server so that users of 3.5.143 should no longer see the update message.

Hi LeatusPenguin & Paul,

thanks for all the information.

All right about the update info. Doesn’t annoy me at all.

Plugin settings are not saved if you install the free demo. Have you done this? If so, you can pay at least $1 and get a version that will save plugin settings.
I knew this and thought I had a paid version. Obviously the trick with clicking "Yeah I really paid for it" (instead of downloading the free demo) didn't work anymore. So now I really, really paid for it, downloaded and installed it. Saving plugin settings now works like a charm. So, thanks a lot 4 everything.

thats wierd, if you had already donated to get version 3 then i thought you would get the updates aswell, or it has been like that for me for the past while. i donated to get v3 when it first came out and have gotten all updates without having to redonate.

thats wierd, if you had already donated to get version 3
- well, I only clicked the button that says I have paid, without actually paying. In the past this gave me the full versions but just recently it seems you have to really pay to get the full versions.