Continuous sampler

I’d like to use a long audio recording I have in a track as a wavetable in continuous mode. The effect should be like in LMMS with the “continuous mode”:

In this mode, sample playback can continue over several notes. Normally the sample is reset and is always started from start point. for every note the playhead hits, but enabling continuous play, will negate that.

The ideal situation would be to have a MIDI containing note pitches in one track and audio containing my long recording in another track. The audio is then repitched according to the midi notes in each time instant.

What could be the easiest way in Ardour?


Zita AT-1 has a MIDI input. You can use X42’s lv2 version, which is very easy to use :
Then it’s just a matter of connecting the output of your MIDI track to the MIDI IN of Zita, see . (This is for the autonomous Zita AT1, so whith Robin’s plugin, setting this up will be much more easy)

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