Continuous Crashes

I am facing many crashes while running Ardour 6.5.0 on a single day. Ardour works fine for 15 mins and it crashes then I have to restart my computer to open Ardour and vice versa. I’m using Manjaro i5 8th gen 16gb ram and 1tb hdd
How can I come across this problem

First things first:

Second, and related to #1, Where did Ardour come from? What plugins are you running? Is there any output on the console when the crash does happen?


From official Website (making payment) I run surge and Carla rack . The crash occurs after using more that 30 min or 15 min and zynfusion no sound is coming when using midi keyboard

Does it Crash (Ardour dissappears completely and closes) or does it stop processing audio? Is Zyn run as a plugin within Ardour or as a standalone program? What audio backend are you using, ALSA or Jack?


The system gets hang and I have to restart to get normal zynfusion runs within Ardour and as well as using Carla rack and I use Jack 2 (cadence)

This is unusual.
So something changes over time. Perhaps a memory leak, it accumulates and finally Ardour bails, but with 16GB RAM that’d need to be a flood, not a leak :slight_smile:

Let’s try to narrow this down a bit…

  • Does it also happen when you just start Ardour and let it sit there (no plugins)
  • just load zynfusion (no surge at first)

See is memory usage increases. e.g. via htop

Either swap storm, or perhaps graphics card related.

Do you have a nvidia card and use the nouveau driver? If so showing multiple plugin windows might cause this.

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