Continued Download Issues

I have paid for the download but I’m stuck in a perpectual loop of entering invoice id from payment then getting bounced back to the beginning of the process and asked to pay again. At no point does the browser start downloading anything. I’ve tried both Mozilla and Chrome with the same result. What am i doing wrong??

Thanks in Advance.

I downloaded A3 for Linux a couple of days ago, no problem at all, it says however at some point that you should disable any download assistant in firefox or chrome, check that out and if it doesn’t work wait a bit while Paul answers this thread, you can also get in the Ardour chat at, channels #ardour or #ardour-osx in osx’s case.


Problem was resolved via email. Related to ongoing (though intermittent) problems processing payment notifications via PayPal.

for some reason my download stopped before it was completed. How do I re-download without having to pay again?

You get 3 attempts and/or 5 days, after which email me