constant JACK error

i just installed ardour 3 beta1 and jack 0.88. when i try to do some simple routing from input to bus to master i get a constant error with the following syntax:

[ERROR]:JACK:JackActivationCount::Signal value = 0 ref = 3

if i close the error window in a matter of seconds and frequently immediately it pops right back up. if i just move it out of the way i can still record and use ardour. was going to paste screenshot but seems that’s not an option here.

a reboot has helped, but will still pop up for no apparent reason

@admsjas: this may be improved in beta2. Meanwhile, increase the buffer size JACK is using and you may see an improvement. If you want more information please use IRC and/or the mailing lists as you were very explicitly asked to do when the program started up. this is the very first beta release of ardour 3 for OS X and we tried to politely ask for issues NOT to be discussed on the forums.

sorry, my bad. i don’t really irc. don’t know how. have no problem mailing but was too excited to install it. next, next, next, next, finish…wooohooooo, let’s play :D. will check info for mailing list

@admsjas: explains IRC and gives you a link you can just click on to get online with us, inside your web browser.

Meanwhile, I’ve been told that the error you have is a problem in JACK and will be fixed in its next release, coming up very soon.