Consolidating region

Is there a way when consolidating a region to just add the new consolidated region as a new layer on top of the old pieces? (The idea is to not lose the originals…)

No. The originals are still in the region list (if you can find them).

Thanks for the quick reply!

Is there an easy way to find them? I guess I could properly rename the regions before consolidating to make it easier to find. But even then, is there a way to place it back in its original position in the track?

Right click on any region, find Position submenu and select “Move to Original Position”

Alas, this option does not work correctly in many situations in the current release. It has been fixed in our codebase.

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Alternatively, you could duplicate the playlist containing the regions you want to consolidate first: then you can very easily switch between the consolidated and original versions. Have a look at

Ah, that’s a really great idea! Thanks!