Consolidate Range/Bounce does not include inserts anymore?

I have noticed, that in the current versions (in my case Ardour 4.7.1071 “Cluster and Eno” (rev 4.7-1071-g39ba60a) Intel 64-bit - debug), the bounce and consolidate range functions including processing don’t work anymore. Without processing it works, but if I add plugins or inserts (did both), the bounced region / consolidated range does not show the effect on them.

I have verified this by putting a heavy distortion plugin one time in an insert and one time into the track itself and did a bounce and a consolidate region with processing and the created region is the original signal without the plugins.

Anybody else noted that?

I remember that this worked previously (in my LMP tutorial I used it quite often).

It has never included inserts. Bounce/Consolidate are faster-than-realtime operations, so they cannot interact with inserts that connect to the JACK graph, which is left running at normal (realtime) rates. Even if you were not using JACK, an insert may still connect to external hardware, so the same rule applies. Plugins should show up as expected. Please file a bug report regarding plugins if they really do not show up.

Ok, thanks. Because in the documentation it was written “plugins/inserts”. Maybe this should be corrected also. I did a fresh pull from git and will have another look at the plugins, and then file a bug report if necessary.

Works for me: both region and range bounce with processing (up to the the first insert, if any)